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We are an award-winning design studio made up of digital artisans.

And whenever we read, “Well Hello There”, we hear Alec Guinness’ voice from Star Wars in our head . . .
It’s pretty awesome, we know. And that’s not all. There’s so much more you should know!

Dustin-Lee Casey

Founder & Creative Director

When I built my first website, I was 10 years-old. I had no idea what I was doing or how anything worked. I just knew the world needed an ‘I Love Lucy Fan Page’ built with Yahoo’s GeoCities and I was gonna be the one to do it. And once I had finished with my tribute to the Queen of Comedy, I sat back and got all kinds of giddy seeing all the parts of the design come together to create something whole.

Today, a lot has changed. Baggy pants went out of style and 90’s music is making a comeback (Fingers Crossed!). But one thing has not changed, I still get all kinds of giddy when a design comes together. And it makes me even more ecstatic hearing clients feel that same giddiness. 

At DL48 Studio, we strive to craft our designs around our clients, while utilizing the tactics, tools, and resources that are proven to convert visitors into sales. It’s the perfect combination of artistry and strategy.

A Proven Strategy

“There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination.”


We love antiques and really, really old stuff. We’re talking about classic 1920’s cameras or really fun grandmas . . .

What we mean to say is, we believe we can learn a thing or two from the artisans that came before us. Those artisans honed their craft. They devoted countless hours and study on each skill until they mastered it. The work that they produced was made to last; to be timeless; every single detail meticulously crafted. And if it wasn’t, they started over until it was just right.

We want to continue that tradition into the digital world, honing our craft, mastering our skills, learning new techniques and handcrafting every detail of a design.

A Proven Strategy

We believe that to have quality designs that draw people in and bring people calling, you must have the perfect balance of design + strategy. One just can’t work without the other. 

We believe a design should be engaging, artistic and beautiful; something that strikes a chord with the intended audience. However, it also should have a clear plan behind it with rich interactive messaging, lead capturing systems and valuable call-to-actions that motivate the audience and converts them into a sale. 

A Proven Strategy

Look at you being all inquisitive! To us, it stands for Dublin Lights Dist. 48. It’s a place filled with imagination, creativity, and the spark to achieve anything — think Willy Wonka flying through the clouds in a glass elevator — Oh, and also, light bulbs. Lots and lots of vintage light bulbs.

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Handcrafted in the Midwest
Digital Craftsmanship. Graphic Artistry. DL48 Studio. Art Dept. Dublin Lights Dist. 48. A Digital Supply Company. Est. 2012. We will handcraft a design that is tailor-made for your brand Web Development, Web Design, Graphic Design, or Print work, no matter what it is, DL48 Studio will handcraft a design that is tailor-made for you and your brand. Serving Lincoln, NE, Omaha, NE, as well as the greater Nebraska. Whether you need a website developed, graphic design, print work, copy writing or even product or stock photos taken for your project, we’ve got your back, Jack. Web design that is simple, yet imaginative; elegant, yet eclectic; Functional, yet fashionable. DL48 Studio’s goal for web design is to bring your style and personality to a sleek, web 2.0 interwebs. Using a mix of real patterns, textures, images and photo manipulation, DL48 Studio creates unique, artistic designs that capture the essence of what your brand represents. From product photography, stock and artistic photos, all the way to photo editing, retouching and full-on manipulation, DL48 Studio has a passion to create beautiful photographic moments. We’ll write or edit your copy to make the best cohesive narrative that shows off you and your brand. Old Fashion Craftsmanship. Modern Artistry.